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Weymouth Farms & Orchard, Winery

2398 Weymouth Rd, Hinckley, OH 44233. Tel.


Wine tasting room open FRI & SAT 2-7 pm

SAT 9-12 at Cuyahoga Valley Farmer's Market


Pick your own table grapes starts August 18th. Tickets are available for purchase.

  • Shinko, Atago, Shin Li and Olympic Asian pears available now.  

  • Fuji, Jonagold, Yellow Delicious, Mutsu, Winesap, and Braeburn are available now.  

Outdoor tables are available.
Bring your own food pairings.
Prepackaged snacks available.
No outside alcohol beverages allowed.

(C) Copyright 2023 Paul X.  O'Neill

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