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Asian Pears 

We have completely depleted our cold-room inventory of our Asian pears picked during the  season (2020).  We look forward to a successful growing season.  Next important period is bud-break.  That is when the fruiting buds on our Asian pear trees burst open.  We hope to be full of pear blossoms the end of April.


We have completely depleted our cold-room inventory of our apples picked during the  season (2020).  We hope to be picking apples late September 2021.


All wine estate-grown and hand-harvested. 

Multiple award-winning wines. 

You must be at least 21 years of age to purchase wine. We currently ship wine to the following states: OH, MI, NY, PA, IN, IL, CA, TX, FL, District of Columbia. Per Ohio law, spirits and wine are not returnable.


  • We open gate only for customers with confirmed time-slots. 

  • ORDER ONLINE.  Give us some time to pick your order when you book a time-slot.

  • Sorry, NO U-PICK of fruit during COVID.

Curbside pickup at the farm ONLY by appointment.  No restrooms.  You must remain in your vehicle.  Seniors, at-risk, and special needs please contact us to accommodate you.  Call us at 330-460-4565 if you need help with  ordering online.

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