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About Us

Our Winery

Weymouth Winery is a small family-owned business.  We are licensed by the State of Ohio as a "Farm Winery", a special designation for those wineries in Ohio which produce wine from fruit grown on their farm.  Less than 4% of wineries in Ohio have this designation.


We believe in the four pillars of great wine making:

  1. Great grapes

  2. Great wine making

  3. Long term vision

  4. Art

We manicure our vines and trees by hand pruning.  All of our grape vines are own-rooted, true to variety to the roots.  No grafted vines.  All our fruit is hand-picked.  No machine harvesting.  Our wine is made in small batches with meticulous detail paid to every vintage and every batch.

Our wines are well received and have won numerous awards, including GOLD and SILVER medals at numerous prestigious wine competitions, such as the International Wine Competition  (Sonoma, CA), San Francisco International Wine Competition, Finger Lakes International Wine Competition, Tasters Guild, and the Ohio Wine Competition.



Farm Manager

Market Manager
On-line Manager

Paul O'Neill


Brenda O'Neill


Brigette O'Neill

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