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  • Do you have you-pick?
    During the pandemic, we are not having pick-your-own fruit. We typically have pick-your-own table grapes. Even during "normal" times, we don't open our apple and asian pear orchard for the general public. However, we do offer, at additional cost, guided tours of our apple and Asian pear orchard, where you can pick, take pictures, and learn about how we grow fruit.
  • Why should we take an orchard tour?
    Orchard tours are for groups who: Want to take pictures in the orchard Want to pick their own fruit Are looking for the biggest pear or apple as a special gift Want their children to see and learn how pears and apples are produced We are not offering orchard tours during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Do you serve wine at the winery?
    First, we are sorry that currently we have limited winery operations only to curbside purchases of full bottles. As the situation changes, we will re-evaluate and update our website. Given that, we are NOT offering wine samples during the COVID-19 pandemic Usually, during non-pandemic operations, we offer 1 oz samples of our estate wines at the winery, but do not offer full glasses of wine and sit-down service. We are a farm winery, and our focus is growing the best wine possible. We do have scheduled events where we do pour wine and sit down with small plates with the winemaker. These are ticketed events and not open to the general public.
  • Do you ship wine or fruit?
    We do ship wine to selected states. At the present moment, we do not ship fruit. However, we are looking into special apple and pear shipping boxes where we will ship fruit to you directly from the orchard. We expect to ship a box of fruit for around $40, plus the cost of the fruit in the box. Sorry, no grape shipments. Wine shipping is additional cost and will be priced based on shipping destination. Some states do not allow us to ship, so please contact Paul at 216-534-9600 for an estimate. Shipping of wine requires a winery license. Shipping wine yourself through USPS is illegal. It is more economical to buy fruit at the orchard and ship it yourself. We suggest you package yourself using the US Postal Service Priority Mail Large Flat-Rate Box. This seems to be the most economical way for our customers to successfully ship fruit. You can ship between 10 and 12 poinds for under $20. Learn more about USPS Flat Rate here:
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