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Asian Pear Varieties

 HOSUI           Excellent golden brown russet variety.  Excellent taste and eating qualities.  Flesh is off-white, tender crisp, very juicy, very sweet, low acid.  Size is medium to large (12-14 oz).   Ripens late August, early September.  Stores four to six weeks.

September 2 to September 24

SHINSEIKI    Popular early season variety.  Fruit is yellow-green to pale yellow, smooth with small lenticels, size is large.  Flesh is white, sweet, firm, crisp and juicy.  Fruit quality is good to very good.  Excellent storage life, about 7-8 months.  Fruit ripens in late August, early  September.  Also known as New Century.

September 2 to September 24

YOINASHI       Popular mid-season variety.  Gold brow russet variety.  Large fruit with crisp off-white flesh, sweet and juicy, excellent quality. Similar taste to Hosui but stores better.  Storage life is approx. 3 to 4 months.
September 28 to Oct 11
 ATAGO            Extra large, noticeably sweet and juicy fruit with a smooth golden brown skin. Harvest is late season. This pear is a cross between Nijisseiki and Imamura Aki. Storage life is 6 to 7 months.

October 3 to October 25

 SHINKO        Fruit is medium to large (14-20 oz.) with a brown to golden brown russet.  Flesh is yellowish white with a good juicy, sweet flavor.  Fruit quality is very good to excellent.  Ripens mid October.

October 3 to October 25

 SHIN LI       Shin Li has medium smooth, yellowish green skin with russet spots. The firm white flesh is extremely flavorful and has a sweet and spicy, cinnamon-like aroma. Large fruits like slightly flattened spheres. Fruit ripens in early to mid-October and keeps three to four months.  This variety sells out quickly.  Ask Brenda to reserve some in cooler.

October 3 to October 25.  Call first. Limited
 KOREAN GIANT  Very large (16-32 oz.), attractive orange-brown russet, round pear.  Flesh is firm, crisp and juicy sweet.   It is a Korean pear.  One of the best tasting, late ripening varieties.  Ripens late October, early November.  Storage life is 8-9 months.

October 23 to November 1.   Limited, subject to early frost.