Weymouth Farms and Orchard
Asian Pears and Apples

2014 Growing Season

(August 27, 2014)  This year we have an Asian Pear variety we have not offered in past years.  Shinseiki!  And it is ready NOW!  Shinseiki is a yellow skinned, early variety that can keep up to 6 months in ideal conditions.  Please call ahead because we are just getting things going.  We will try to be available on Saturday all day, and Sunday afternoons.  If you need to come during the week, call Brenda (216-571-9699, or Paul (216-534-9600).  Come by and try free samples.  The hot days and cool nights coming on now are ideal for ripening the pears and apples!

Click here for our Asian Pear varieties and schedule

We will be open Saturday and Sunday 9am to 5pm.  We will be busy picking during the week and will be available Wednesday through Friday for telephone orders.  We still offer tours of the orchard, however, we need to keep the equipment available for the picking crew during peak periods during the weekend.  If you would like a tour, your best bet is to please call us for a tour appointment during a weekday.

2398 Weymouth Rd

Please come to our orchard and sample our fruit and experience optimum ripeness and flavor.  

We are picking:

  • Shinseiki Asian Pear

Coming Soon:
    • Atago Asian Pear - Mid October
    • Yonashi Asian Pear - Late September
    • Golden Delicious Apple - Mid October
    • Shin Li Chinese Pear - Mid October
    • Olympic Korean Pear - late Oct.
    • Buttercup and Acorn Winter Squash - mid Sept
    • JackOLantern - late Sept through October
    • Specialty Pumpkins - late Sept.
    • Winter Squash - Butternut, Kabocha, New England Pie, Cinderella Pumpkin, etc. - Late Sept through October.

    Conveniently located on Route 606 Near Interstate 71, Exit 222, or I-271, Exit 3.

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