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What’s Picking

We have just started picking Shinko Asian pear. Also starting October Fuji and Yellow Delicious apple.

Shinko is a good choice for a snack size pear, crunchy, very sweet, and slightly tart.

October Fuji, very sweet, 17 brix, very crunchy, generally smaller than September Fuji.

Yellow Delicious, early, tart and firm, not for eat in hand, however just perfect for a sugarless apple pie recipe. We measured sugar at 18 brix. Mix with Jonagold for more complex flavor.

Hosui and Shinseiki are all done for fresh pick. We will be selling a limited supply in November from our cold room. Yoinashi is very limited. We are still fresh picking the last few trees and will update inventory sporadically with limited quantity. Picking Shin Li, Olympic and Atago. Atago stores the best. Also Atago has the best textire fore steaming and cooking. Skin is thick, similar to a Bosc pear. I prefer to perl it.

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