Table Grapes Ripening Survey 2021 Season

Updated: Aug 27, 2021

Thursday, August 26, 2021. The recent rains are causing Reliance grape berries to split. We will shortly stop picking this variety for table use and open it up for wine-making. Himrod is past peak, and nearly picked out. The clusters which are left are pretty gold-colored, and are holding onto the stem fairly well. Probably one more week and Himrod will end. Jupiter is ripening nicely. The honey bees are buzzing around the vine right now. Everest, a new variety for us, is being devoured by the honey bees. There is no more fresh-picked Everest. We did put some in the cooler for those of you who missed getting some, or for those who need more. Other varieties that will be coming along soon, in the next week or two, include Marquis seedless green grape, Chinese-Black seeded grape, and Concord seeded black grape.

Reliance berries are strating to raisin. Recent rains have caused many of the berries to crack. The brix, or sugar level, has peaked at around 20. At this point, the acid level starts to drop. Very tasty, but lots of weather damage. Leaves are showing some signs that the vine is starting to wind down and get ready for winter.

Picture of Himrod taken Thursday morning. Berries are starting to go golden color.

Brix, or sugar level has leveled off for a week now at around 19-20 brix, so there has been a significant drop in acid level. The grape berries are still holding onto the stem. We will continue picking this variety for another week, maybe two. Most of this variety has been picked, so start thinking of placing your last orders of fresh-picked soon.

Picture of Jupiter grape. Sugar level has leveled out around 16-17 brix, and the leaves are starting to go dormant. We will pick this variety for another week or two and then open it up for the wine-makers. The honey bees are starting to get attracted to this variety as well, so if you want some of this variety, now is the time to order fresh-picked.