Rain Forcast

We cannot pick in the rain. Bad for trees. Bad for morale. This coming Monday, October 19, through Wednesday October 21, we will be experiencing a large amount of rain. We have taken these days off the time-slot booking schedule. We suggest you order today for time-slots available on Saturday and Sunday. Otherwise, next available time-slots are on Thursday October 22. Any questions, message here, or text/call at 330-460-4565, option 4.

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What’s Picking

We have just started picking Shinko Asian pear. Also starting October Fuji and Yellow Delicious apple. Shinko is a good choice for a snack size pear, crunchy, very sweet, and slightly tart. October F

What’s Picking

We are still picking Hosui and Shinseiki, fresh every day, although we expect this to end this week. We will be storing some of these varieties in our refrigerated walk-in cooler for later sale, but