Seedless grapes, going, going....

Seedless grapes are starting to disappear. Reliance seedless pink grapes are very difficult to find. I can still find some Reliance, but can only do so for weekday appointments by special request. Please contact me if you really really need me to get you your last clamshell for the year. Home winemakers will be getting what is left of the Reliance grapes this week.

Himrod seedless grapes are extremely sun tanned right now. Dark golden color. The berries fall off the clusters as I pick them. There are still a few clusters out there. Maybe one more week.

Jupiter, our seedless muscat flavored grape is at it’s peak right now. If you want to experience the best flavor of Jupiter, right now is the time.

Chinese Black slip-skin grape is sold out. A favorite, it went fast this year.

Marquis seedless slip-skin grape is at it’s peak ripeness right now. Order these to compliment any order of Concord grape.

Concord grape is also at it’s peak ripeness. We will be picking 5 gallon bucket orders this week for those customers who like to cook, make jelly, grape pie.

Wine grapes will also be coming available soon. Wimemakers, please contact me for special arrangements. I can only pick so much, and I am the only one harvesting this year.

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