Our White Wine Entertainment Box has everything you need to entertain a couple of people.  It includes one 750ml bottle of award-winning "Autumn Wish" semi-sweet white wine, two (2) clear plastic stemless wine glasses, a stainless steel corkscrew with straight knife, cheese knife, a 4 oz. box of table water crackers, an 8 oz. wheel of authentic French brie cheese, a couple of dark chocolate mini-squares, a couple of kraft paper trays and individually wrapped utensils and napkins.


“Autumn Wish” is a fruit-forward Aromella varietal white wine.  Aroma is very floral, similar to a Muscat-style wine. Tasting notes include peaches, tropical fruits, pineapple, honeysuckle, and citrus peel.  Order our White Wine Entertainment Box for curbside pickup at the farm, take with you to enjoy on a picnic, or order a box for each of your friends, and have a safe, socially distanced party.  (No consumption on the premises.)


White Wine Entertainment Box

    • Black Shadow: SILVER -  San Francisco International Wine Competition, SILVER -  Harvest Challenege, Sonoma, California, OQW Ohio Quality Wine Designee