This is our Stayman Winesap picked this fall.  We have kept in our refrigerated cold room since harvest (October 2020).


Stayman Winesap, an heirloom variety discovered in 1866 by Dr. J. Stayman of Leavenworth, Kansas, is deep crimson in color with a rather tough skin, and it has a firm, juicy, light yellow flesh with a wine-like sweet-tart flavor. It is an all-purpose apple that stores well, and it is favored for cider-making. Ripening dates range from late September to early November.

Stayman Winesap - Cold Room

Bag size
  • We usually start picking Stayman Winesap the last week of September until the end of October.  

  • During harvest season, we are very busy keeping up with local orders.  We do pick some Stayman Winesap for storage in our refrigerated cooler.  Please contact us in October and November for shipping this variety.