This is our Hosui picked this fall.  We have kept in our refrigerated cold room since harvest.  We have been selling Hosui from the cold room for a couple of weeks now.  We are coming to the end of storage for Hosui.  We are limited in what is left.  The remainder is smaller and riper than usual.  Suggest you only purchase what you can eat right away.  This will be it until next fall.


This Hosui is late harvest, tree-ripened, so it is extra-sweet.  I tested the sugar level and I measured 15.5 brix.  Typically, Asian pears in the big-box store average between 10 to 12 brix.  Learn more about brix by following this link:


Not as much crunch as our early harvest.  We recommend you  consume these pears within 2 to 3 weeks.  We require all purchases from the cold room to be picked up within 7 days of your order.  Regrettably, we cannot hold shelf space in our cold room for customer orders.


Hosui Asian Pear is a Japanese pear, which is large size with a crisp, juicy off-white grainy flesh. The Japanese word "hosui" means juicy, or water retention.  High in fiber, vitamins K and C, copper, and potassium.  This is our juiciest pear, and it is our most popular pear.  Very thin (fragile) skin has an excellent golden brown russeting.

Hosui - cold room

Bag size
  • We usually start picking this pear either the last week of August, or the first week of September.  We usually finish picking the third week of September.  After the third week of September, we leave some to over-ripen and pick to make our Asian Pear wine.

  • During harvest season, we are very busy keeping up with local orders.  We do pick some Hosui for storage in our refrigerated cooler.  We ship Hosui special order on request.  Please contact during October and November for shipping this variety.