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“Falling Apple” is an estate semi-sweet cider made in the style of wine. The name “Falling Apple” is inspired by the 17th-century fable of a young Isaac Newton who was bonked on the head by a falling apple, which leads to Newton's Law of Gravity. It is made from a blend of fresh premium apples, all hand-picked from trees grown on our family farm. Apple varieties are Fuji, Jonagold, Mutsu, Yellow Delicious, and Braeburn.

This cider is aged using the “Sur Lie” method, where the cider is left for several years in contact with the yeast sediment and is not racked or filtered. Polysaccharides, mannoproteins and amino acids are slowly released from the sediment, increasing the body of the cider. This extended aging makes the cider smoother, and fuller-bodied than typical ciders. The extended aging with the lees, as well as two years with oak, help develop a unique cider that can be served with a meal, or as a dessert wine. 750ml 14% alc./vol.

Falling Apple, 750ml, 14% alc./vol.

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    • 2019 International Eastern Wine Competition, Santa Rosa, Sonoma, CA – GOLD
    • 2019 Finger Lakes International Wine Competition - BRONZE
    • 2018 International Eastern Wine Competition, Santa Rosa, Sonoma, CA – SILVER  
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