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Atago Asian Pear is a new Japanese/Korean naturally pollinated cross, developed in California.  Widely found in Japan.  Atago is the name of a large mountain in Japan.  Extra large, noticeably sweet and juicy fruit with a golden brown skin. Smooth, apple-like texture, hint of vanilla flavor as it ages.  This pear is a cross between Nijisseiki and Imamura Aki and is superior to Niitaka.  Atago is our largest pear, and holds the world record for largest pear at 6 lb 8 oz.  It's flavor improves the longer you keep it, up to 6 months. 10/15


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  • We usually start picking Atago the first week of October until the end of the month.  We leave some on the trees into the winter to freeze to make our Asian Pear Ice Wine.

  • During harvest season, we are very busy keeping up with local orders.  We do pick Atago for storage in our refrigerated cooler.  We ship Atago special order on request.  Please contact during October and November for shipping this variety.

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