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This is Pear Wine with Honey Added. Pear wine is sometimes referred to as Perry or Pear Cider. Cider that is sweetened with honey is called a Cyser. This wine is a little of both and is similar to the style of beverages ancient warriors of the Mongol Empire enjoyed and celebrated with. This wine is made from a blend of fresh premium Asian Pears, all hand-picked from trees grown on our family farm. Asian Pear varieties are Shinko, Shinseiki, and Atago.

Once the fruit is fermented, the wine is racked to remove the “gross lees”. The wine is then allowed to rest and age using the “Sur Lie” method, where it is left for several years in contact with the yeast sediment for an extended period of time and is not further racked or filtered. Polysaccharides, mannoproteins and amino acids are slowly released from the sediment, increasing the body of the wine, and reducing the bitterness and harshness. This extended aging makes the wine smoother, and fuller-bodied than typical perries. After aging, wildflower honey from our beehives, primarily goldenrod, is used to back sweeten the wine. The extended aging on the lees, as well as the wildflower honey, help develop a unique wine which can be served with a meal, or as a dessert wine.  

Asian Pear Wine, 750ml, 15% alc./vol

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    • 2019 International Eastern Wine Competition, Santa Rosa, Sonoma, CA – GOLD
    • 2019 Finger Lakes International Wine Competition – GOLD
    • 2019 San Francisco International Wine Competition - SILVER
    • 2019 American Wine Society Competiton - SILVER
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