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Come re-discover a tree-ripened Golden Delicious.  Golden Delicious is often picked when still green, and then stored for months before sale.  In contrast, we allow our Goldens to ripen to a golden color on the tree, revealing it's true flavor - exceptionally sweet and rich.  Golden Delicious is also a versatile apple, and can be used both for dessert and cooking purposes.  Often, our Golden Delicious apples reach a sugar content of 15 brix, making them perfect for a "no sugar added" pie recipie.

Golden Delicious

PriceFrom $10.00
Excluding Sales Tax
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  • We usually start picking Golden Delicious the last week of September until mid-October.  

  • During harvest season, we are very busy keeping up with local orders.  We do pick some Golden Delicious for storage in our refrigerated cooler.  Please contact us mid-October for shipping this variety.

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