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“Apple Ice Wine” is an estate sweet cider made in a natural style of wine. It is made from Fuji apples which are left on the trees into the dead of winter, when they are picked frozen from the tree. The sugar in the apples is squeezed out, leaving water behind in the pulp.Typical ice wines, the fermentation is stopped by killing the yeast with sulfites, filtration, and preservatives. This is not the case with this ice wine. The yeast are allowed to ferment as much of the sugar as they are able, which results in a higher alcohol ice wine with less perceived sweetness. The ice wine is then aged using the “Sur Lie” method, where the wine is left for several years in contact with the yeast sediment, not racked nor filtered. Polysaccharides, mannoproteins and amino acids are slowly released from the sediment, increasing the body of the cider. This extended aging makes the cider smoother, and fuller-bodied than typical ciders. The extended aging with the lees, as well as a small amount of our wildflower honey, help develop a unique cider which can be served as a dessert wine.

Apple Ice Wine, 375ml, 15% alc./vol.

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