What’s Picking

Starting Gala apples today. Small, limited crop this year.

Starting Marquis grape. Large seedless slipskin white grape. Good for those who like a large berry.

Chinese Black grape, more than half-way picked out. Very aromatic. Beautiful clusters this year. This is the week to get this variety.

Reliance is getting over-run by honey bees, very sweet right now. I have a hard time getting these without getting in the way of the bees. I will probably end picking this variety soon.

Himrod very sweet, golden color. At it’s peak right now. Will only last for 5 more days.

Picking Hosui Asian pear for last week now. Start picking Shinseiki pear today. Everything we pick has been going to customers who pre-order. Right now we have no pears ready to go for last minute shoppers, so please try to plan ahead.

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