You must be at least 21 years of age to purchase wine. We currently ship wine to the following states: OH, MI, NY, PA, IN, IL, CA, TX, FL, District of Columbia. Per Ohio law, spirits and wine are not returnable.

About our winery:

Weymouth Winery is a small family-owned business.  We are licensed by the State of Ohio as a "Farm Winery", a special designation for those wineries in Ohio which produce wine from fruit grown on their farm.  Less than 4% of wineries in Ohio have this designation.


We believe in the four pillars of great wine making:

  1. Great grapes

  2. Great wine making

  3. Long term vision

  4. Art

We manicure our vines and trees by hand pruning.  All of our grape vines are own-rooted, true to variety to the roots.  No grafted vines.  All our fruit is hand-picked.  No machine harvesting.  Our wine is made in small batches with meticulous detail paid to every vintage and every batch.

Our wines are well received and have won numerous awards, including GOLD and SILVER medals at numerous prestigious wine competitions, such as the International Wine Competition  (Sonoma, CA), San Francisco International Wine Competition, Finger Lakes International Wine Competition, Tasters Guild, and the Ohio Wine Competition.

Red Wines: We currently have two red wines.  Our dry red, "The New Black", ia hint of muscat.  s exceptionally dark, making it a black wine.  The New Black is a vintage Noiret varietal wine, full bodied, fruity and notes of blackberry and boysenberry.  "Black Shadow" is a near dry/semi-sweet blend, very dark, pairs well with cheese and red-sauce meals.


White Wines: Our white wine selections include three distinct wines. 

  • "Stony Hill White", is a dry Chardonel, an improved Chardonnay grape which was developed for North America. 

  • "Autumn Wish" is a semi-sweet vintage Aromella varietal wine, exceptionally aromatic.  Tasting notes of peaches, tropical fruits, pineapple and honeysuckle. 

  • "Vin du Soleil" is a dry vintage Vignoles varietal wine with abundant floral and  tropical fruit aromas and flavors.  Great with spicy dishes and soft cheese.

  • "White Tail" is a semi-sweet late harvest botrytis wine, where the grapes are left on the vine to dry out into raisins and then mad wine.  Extremely aromatic, concentrated flavors.


Fruit Wines: We make fruit wines from Asian pears and apples.  They are gold medal winners, and very unique.  We even make an apple ice-wine, one of the few producers in the world that make this kind of wine.

Notice:  All sales ordered online, curbside pickup at the farm by appointment.  No restrooms, so plan ahead.  Customers with special needs please call ahead and we will accommodate your no-contact purchase.  If you cannot order on-line, please call us and we will try to help you.  If you are a senior or high-risk person, we will make a special appointment for you.