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  1. Order fruit or wine online
  2. Pay online with a credit card.  No cash sales.
  3. Choose a pickup time
  4. Get appointment confirmation from the farm.
  5. Safe, Curbside-pickup only.

Seedless Grapes


Right now we are picking the day of your time-slot.​ 

Asian Pears (9/3-11/01)

Hosui, Shinseiki and Yoinashi.  EXTRA SWEET this year.  Gift Box now available including shipping.

Slipskin Grapes 


Check out 5-gallon bucket of Concord.



Fuji apples starting soon!


All wine estate-grown and hand-harvested. 

Multiple award-winning wines. 

You must be at least 21 years of age to purchase wine. We currently ship wine to the following states: OH, MI, NY, PA, IN, IL, CA, TX, FL, District of Columbia. Per Ohio law, spirits and wine are not returnable.


  • We open gate only for customers with confirmed time-slots. 

  • ORDER ONLINE.  Give us some time to pick your order when you book a time-slot.

  • Sorry, NO U-PICK of fruit during COVID.

Curbside pickup at the farm ONLY by appointment.  No restrooms.  You must remain in your vehicle.  Seniors, at-risk, and special needs please contact us to accommodate you.  Call us at 216-534-9600 if you cannot order online.

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