September 1, 2016

posted Sep 7, 2016, 11:17 AM by Paul O'Neill
Today was a big day of brix testing. We went through the Asian pear varieties to test their brix. A little secret for the lovers of sweet fruit: As a general rule, the front orchard has sweeter fruit than the back orchard, and smaller fruit are potentially sweeter than larger sweet. The front orchard received less irrigation so the trees developed smaller but sweeter fruit. Overall, the varieties are sweeter this year, most likely due to the drought. Hosui, my favorite pear, is sweeter this year than last year.
The Campbell grapes were very sweet at 17 brix. Concord grapes were almost ready to pick at 15 brix.

Here is a list of the brix for most of the fruit:
Asian pears:
Yonashi - 12
Hosui - 12.5
Shinseiki (front orchard) - 14 small, 13 large
Shinseiki (back orchard) - 12.5
Hosui (front orchard) - 16
Shin Lee - 15
Shinko - 12
Atago (back orchard) - 13
Marquis - 14
Campbell (aka Chinese) - 17
Concord - 15