September 13, 2016

Tuesday, Sep 13 visit:
More Brix readings:

Today, the visit to the farm was a busy one. I tested the Brix on most of the fruits.
At the moment, the sweetest pear is Hosui, the sweetest apple is Gala, and the sweetest grape is Reliance. They will be picking Hosui for a couple more weeks. There are some Reliance available, but most have turned to raisins and started fermenting on the vine. If you find any good red clusters, they will be very sweet. The green clusters are also sweet, but at a lower Brix of 18-19. Most of the apple varieties are still starchy and sour, even if their Brix readings are high. A few more weeks and the starch will turn to sugar and then they will taste great. I forgot to test the Campbell early (Chinese) and the Concord grapes. They are also ready to pick and very sweet.

Asian Pears:
Yonashi - 15
Hosui - 16
Hosui front - 15
Atago front - 11
Shinseiki front - 12.5
Shin Lee - 14
Shinseiki back - 14