August 23, 2016

August 22, 3pm
After a busy morning of moving furniture to my new house, we decided to take a break and visit Paul and Brenda at Weymouth Farms and Orchard. More varieties were available this time. The Chinese grapes (Campbell early) were ready at 14 brix. They are similar to Concord grapes but have a stronger grape flavor. These were still a tad bit too sour for me. They will be perfect in a week or two.
Himrod, having a green color at our last visit and around 19-20 brix, is now golden with 21+ brix. These were very sweet with almost no hint of acid. We picked three boxes of these to take home and enjoy. I learned that they will become even sweeter in the fridge.
The Shinseiki and Hosui pears are at 11 brix and taste good, but not at their peak ripeness. I was excited to see my favorite varieties starting to ripen. Last year, the Hosui's at 17 brix were amazing.

They had an early variety of apples, which we tried. The skin is tough and the flesh has a soft mushy texture. I prefer the crunchy texture of Fuji. I can see why they only have a handful of these, rather than the multiple rows of Fuji.

Upon leaving the front orchard, I saw some blueberry bushes that were loaded with ripe fruit. I tried a few berries and I have to say, they were phenomenal, probably the sweetest I've ever tasted. At the time, I didn't have the refractometer to measure brix, but I would say that they were close to 20 brix (store-bought blueberries are 6-10 brix). Unfortunately they were already sold. I was devastated. Hopefully, I can get some next year.

We'll be back in a week or two when they are picking Shinseiki and Hosui pears, and the Chinese grapes are sweeter.
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